Three forms were created over the course of 18 weeks. The concept of form meets function was exercised through the use of primary, secondary and tertiary elements. This visual composition embraced an intimate date setting. Research of seating ergonomics, along with CMF studies, helped form goals to guide the design. 
Full-scale modeling aided ergonomic tests, providing validation for dimensions, and revealed possible manufacturing challenges.   
The steel legs pierce the concrete volume while a brass wedge is friction fit in order to hold the chair together. The same treatment is applied to the table.   
The wineglass was cold-worked at a glass blowing studio, while a 2-step mold process was made for the base. The process included a 3D print and a silicone cast. 
The use of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) made this piece possible. Fiberglass not only strengthens the material greatly but also lightens the piece up to 35%. 
The set was showcased at Teague in Seattle alongside 12 other furniture designs.

Manufactured with Billy Loselben at Concrete-Project 

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